Original song / Instrumental music
Arrangement from a basic demo (stereo mix / multitrack audio)
Session tracks - piano,rhodes,organ,strings,brass,synths
Studio rate / hour
Backing tracks
Editing, tuning vocals / track
MIDI programming
Multitrack mixing
Orchestration for large ensemble
Transcription from recordings
130 / 150
An extensive collection of VST instruments and sampled sounds,
representing nearly every major form of synthesis.
I currently use PC Intel Core i7 system, with 32 GB of RAM, with Steinberg UR-44 audio interface and UAD-2 DSP PCI-e accelerator card with world-class UAD powered plug-ins. Nearly unlimited tracks of audio, unlimited MIDI tracks. Computerized mixdown allows each track to be mixed perfectly, with total recall for all setups, eq settings, signal processing and level controls.
Here are listed just some services and prices. Further negotiation is necessary depending on specific requirements, duration and difficulty. If you have any questions or if you would like to ask for a custom quote, please feel free to contact me.

Email me today and I will give you a very affordable custom quote for your project.
Professional music productions online- a complete production service, helping you with the composition structure, with recording the instrumental tracks, with the music arrangement, mixing and mastering. If you've already recorded your demo and now need to go further with the arrangement,  I can provide you with high quality finished product at a competitive price.  We will discuss your needs, and find the best path to achieve your vision. I obsess over every detail of your finished track to get you the perfect result. You will be able to review, request changes or approve each instrument if needed.
I work on single tracks, albums, film recording projects and of course single song demos. If you need extra instrumentation, I will lay down the extra tracks you need, extra instruments, keys, synths, strings, additional percussion or vocal arrangements, and of course if you work remotely, you can even send me your own performances, which I will tweak perfectly and mix together into the final project.
I use a number of great tools to get the right sound for your music. Probably every desirable plug-in is available. Your master will end up sounding very powerful with no lost of dynamic. All tracks are monitored in a control room for absolute clarity.

- Instrumental and vocal arrangements for all types of ensemble;
- Creating individual parts for band members;
- Transcribing both original music or already recorded songs, for which the published sheet music is unavailable;
- Orchestration from a MIDI file;
For songwriters, band members, composers, etc. in need of sheet music for varying reasons.

If you need to copyright your song- music charts are important. Send me your music, and I will transcribe it and send you printable PDF file. The chart includes main melody, text, synched to the melody, and chords progression.

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- Compositions. arrangements in most contemporary styles, for all types of ensemble;
- Original music for movies, video, TV, or any other commercial project;
- Arrangements of popular music, backing tracks;
- MIDI programming, audio multitrack editing and mixing;
- Producing sheet music and full orchestral score;

    Creative production solutions for any musical genre-
from composition to delivery of high quality music production;
professional, reliable, anticipating and exceeding clients needs.
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All music tracks, published on this website are copyrighted.
midfield monitors
nearfield monitors
24/192 audio interface
accelerator card
digital piano
synth module / sampler
tube microphone
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